A group of 5 English students, in 2nd year of geography at the University of Plymouth, moved to Milizac on May 3, 2019. Accompanied by one of their teachers, they met representatives of the twinning: Malou LE GUEN and Jean Pierre KERDODE co-presidents, Bernard LE GOFF vice-treasurer and André PIRIOU one of the founding members.

The story so far

Our village is twinned with Yealmpton, a village in Devon a few miles from Plymouth. After a first survey in June 1985, a first committee was set and a group of five Yealmptonians came over to Milizac in April 1986, then a party of six Milizacois went to Yealmpton for a first contact. In 1987, over fifteen people were on the exchange, and in 1988, the Charters of Friendship were signed. Ever since, visits have taken place with an average number of sixty persons.

Ar Stivell Milizac

Milizac is a village located at about 8 miles from Brest and at less than 10 miles from a beautiful coastline. At the last census, it had a population of 3.400.

St Bartholomews church Yealmpton

Yealmpton is a beautiful village in the English county of Devon, at about 8 miles from Plymouth. Its name comes from the river Yealm that runs through the village. At the 2011 census, it had a population of 1,677.