The story so far

Our village is twinned with Yealmpton, a village in Devon a few miles from Plymouth. After a first survey in June 1985, a first committee was set and a group of five Yealmptonians came over to Milizac in April 1986, then a party of six Milizacois went to Yealmpton for a first contact. In 1987, over fifteen people were on the exchange, and in 1988, the Charters of Friendship were signed. Ever since, visits have taken place with an average number of sixty persons.


What is it for?

The main purpose of twinning is to form a friendship with another community and, through that, develop a better understanding of the wider world. People taking part have many and varied personal aims: some may wish to learn or improve their English, some to experience the English way of life, to compare cuisines and cultures. Fun is an essential ingredient.

What goes on?

Because the Association is self-financing, the annual flea market in March allows us to raise funds. We also have a “ crêpe-party” in January , meetings to organize the visits at home or in Yealmpton, English lessons, the visits of vintage cars lovers from Yealmpton who take part in the Rallye des Menhirs.

Who can join?

You can! It is the villages which are twinned and every resident is entitled to be a part of it. It is not a closed "clique" of personal friends, although it is true to say that many friendships have been formed through it both in Milizac and in Yealmpton. Age is no barrier: so far the youngest active twinner has been seven months and the oldest over eighty years!