Ar Stivell Milizac

Milizac is a village located at about 8 miles from Brest and at less than 10 miles from a beautiful coastline. At the last census, it had a population of 3.400.

It offers lots of facilities to its inhabitants: three sports halls, two primary schools, a new village hall with several rooms which can be used for meetings, theatre, … The Milizacois can develop their skills in all kinds of sports: football, basket ball, hand ball, jogging, cycling, tennis, or in manual works : handicraft, flower arrangement , … or in other social activities. More than forty activities can be practised!

Besides, its visitors can go to a recreation park: “La Récré” which is the second most visited place in the Finistère, or they can admire the “Treasure” in the parish church with, among other exhibits, a cross dating back to the 9th century or a reliquary from the 12th century. More unusual, in early July, a “pig festival” with a squealing competition will attract both tourists and milizacois.

To put it shortly, Milizac is a nice place where to live. It has kept its traditions and does its very best to adapt to modernity.


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