A group of 5 English students, in 2nd year of geography at the University of Plymouth, moved to Milizac on May 3, 2019. Accompanied by one of their teachers, they met representatives of the twinning: Malou LE GUEN and Jean Pierre KERDODE co-presidents, Bernard LE GOFF vice-treasurer and André PIRIOU one of the founding members.

These students were in France for work on twinning between Devon, English Cornwall and Brittany, a project that fits into their curriculum. They were able to discuss the historical and current aspects of the twinning between Yealmpton and Milizac, after learning about other twinnings including those of Morlaix / Truro and Brest / Plymouth.

Note that Billy BISHOP (grandson of Tim and Sue BISHOP, English members of Twinning) was part of the group. He should be present in Yealmpton when French twinner will move in late August.

Below the group photographed near the town hall in front of the Japanese cherry tree donated by our English friends last year on the occasion of the 30 years of twinning.

IMG 1106